Florida Look Book

This trip was allll about comfy cute. I was worried about two things heading to Florida; 1). Not having enough time to get ready and 2). Having the humidity ruin the point of getting ready.

I was happy to already have my eyebrows done which checked one things off the morning routine. And I was super focused on staying healthy and full of energy throughout the whole trip. Celiac Disease makes me get really worn down a lot faster than most people without auto immune diseases. So I packed in preparation. I was even considering getting my lashes done for the trip but didn’t end up doing that because I honestly can’t justify the upkeep and expense of lash extensions.

I was also concerned with packing space, I didn’t want to check a bag and cause more travel time, but I was still going to have ALL of my camera equipment. Because of this I limited my outfits, shoes, makeup, and toiletries.

Pack Mule Megan :

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 8.22.49 PM.png

Airport Out Fit

Slip on shoes : Target  Leggings : LuLu Lemon  Demin Jacket : Amazon  Crop Top : Pac sun

Slip on shoes : Target

Leggings : LuLu Lemon

Demin Jacket : Amazon

Crop Top : Pac sun


Day Two :

Demin Jacket : Amazon

Jumper : Target


Day Two:

Black Overalls : Amazon

White shirt : Target

Shoes : Amazon

Day two was also wedding day. So comfy cute was suppperrrr important.

In order to limit the amount of space my clothes took in my duffle, I made sure to first, only take one pieces + any sleep items and one pair of leggings.

That made the coming home outfit super comfy and simply.

I was also focused on my skin. Since dealing with breakouts I didn’t want traveling making my skin any worst. So to counter act this I…


(yes this meant I peed on the plane at least 5 times)

2). Brought my healthy skin tea and had it once a day.

3). Brought my skin treatments

4). Took my skin vitamins with me

5). If I needed to wear makeup it was my CC cream from Mary Kay which has significantly improved my skin compared to drug store foundation.

6). Not wearing makeup and letting the humidity was actually so good for my skin! I don’t know scientifically or medically if this actually works but I feel like it settled alot of the chemical imbalances I was dealing with.

7). Last but not least I brought caffeinated tea, probiotic tea, and zip fix to keep me healthy and energized!