April 25th… the best day of the year

Well here we are… the best time of the year has come and gone. SO I figured I should update you guys on the WILD PRODUCTION, David and I liked to call my 22nd birthday.

I am so thankful for all the love, support, and special people who helped me ring in 22. 22 so far as been… hectic, although I am not yet a month in I have moved into my new apartment (post coming soon) AND celebrated my first work anniversary with GCU and I am getting ready to officially start my masters program.


After finishing up my last weekend in Tucson for Grad SZN and celebrating Skys Bday, (a big/little duo that has the same birthday month is dangerous people.) the week started with Birthday/ Easter Dinner at my parents. My nana being the absolute best person ever, gifted me a bottle of Clicquot once she found out it was apart of the production we had been planning… more on that later.


Just thinking about recapping my big two-two is overwhelming but I’m going to try to paint this spectacular picture for you as best as I can. haha


Lets be reaalll. I’m “that girl” that celebrates my birthday for a month. But truly, it’s just a different and more positive mind set I put on for the month of April to help me reflect on the past year, set goals for the new year, and celebrate all I’ve accomplished so far.


But to kick the week off, I started with birthday brunch + mimosas with my mom after we went to do a walk through of my new apartment. Following that I had lunch with my dad at one of my favorite place @flowerchildaz. I got the sweet corn + quinoa bowl with sweet potatoes. (typically I add salmon or get mac n cheese).


The next day was the day of my actual birthday. And I was really excited to spend it at work. I’ve grown so close with my team that we always try to make each other feel extra special on our birthdays. Not to mention I work with Lissie and Ruby some of my closest chicas.

Side Note: You should know that I am the birthday decorator for the team… so when it came to my birthday we didn’t really know how this was gonna work but they totally went above and beyond.

Thank you to Lissie & Ruby for going above and beyond to make my work birthday feel so amazing. We celebrated more with the whole team during lunch at my favorite place Sauce. (ya’ll I could eat sauce 5 days out of the week if it was allowed).


That evening I went to a really delicious meal with my parents at Picazzo’s a totally gluten free restaurant that also has vegan and paleo options available!

I got the GF pizza which was so good.

I later went to Petes for a birthday Marg! (Because DUH)

That Friday, I had taken the day off because I got to go to my other amazing job and film Summer + Chase’s wedding! It was a PHS reunion!

Now here’s where things get real serious, David and I had been planning this shin dig for months. The idea came from Ariana Grande’s aesthetic, to literally transform my apartment into a cloud. We had originally thought, okay white out, glitz and glam, but we knew we needed something more iconic than that. With subtle odes to my favorite songs, we transformed my apartment to brightest place possible that night. From the jokes, playlists, and spreadsheets (I’m not kidding literal spreadsheets were made to pull off this production) I think David and I almost had more funning planning than attending lol. Needless to say we won’t be needing a wedding planner when the time comes.

Hopefully the video will do it justice, because we got so wrapped up in the fun we forgot to get really good photos.

The day started with a good morning run, then a few errands to get done before the party. As out of towners arrived, we got ready and then on too lunch at my favorite Farm and Craft Scottsdale.


I debated waiting to post this till my disposable pics had come in but couldn’t wait to share a month and week that made me feel so special and loved. My birthday was filled with all of my favorite things, karaoke, dancing, laughing, lots of champagne, and the people I love the most. These people have seen me go through alot this year and I seriously wouldn’t have made it without them.

Some favorite moments of the night

  1. Karaoke with all my friends

  2. Cloud Macaroons from Ruze Cake House

  3. Popping my bottle of Cicquot

  4. Krysteeana yelling shot o’clock


A special thanks to my parents for spending my day with me, a special thanks to Koko who was the biggest help for set up and making sure people had the best time (“it’s shot O’CLOCK everyone will surely scare everyone from here on out”)

And a special thanks to David who throughout this year has been my shoulder to cry on my therapist, my party planner, my graphic designer, and a best friend that has turned into family (as far as our emergency contacts are aware).

You’ve been wild, but thank u, next #21, I am beyond ready for #22.