Back to school essentials! | 2018

WHAT TIME IS IT?!? Not summer time because school is finally back in session. HA. And trust me when I say there is NOTHING that gets me more PUMPED than a huge target haul of crafts, stationery, and back to school essentials. 

By now, you probably know that TARGET is my place, I mean isn't it basically everyone's dream to have unlimited funds supplied to you on your multiple and unnecessary target runs throughout the week? No? Just me? 

In today's blog post I'm giving you ALL my preferred items for this wonderful time of year found at Target, as well as my inspo behind the items, and some motivation for the upcoming academic year! 

Inspo & Motivation 

If you're dreading going back to school, you probs went to the wrong college ;) Or you are still stuck in the awkward high schooler days. But fear no more, here are some shopping list essentials that will get you feeling fresh and trendy for the new school year! Cool neutrals, with pops of colors, are the best things to happen to college dorm rooms since Target was invented. (serious props to Target and their major glow up in the last couple of years.) The more neutral the better, and it's honestly a trend you just can't go wrong with. Minimalism is in, and so millenial pink..still.... and it's not going away any time soon. 

Target Finds

I LOVE target sheets, and jersey feel is my personal fav! Other essentials I would suggest is a lot of storage bins, and desk organization! 

Essentials that will change your academic perspective.

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 8.14.12 AM.png

Your money and time is worth an agenda... 

My favorite planner worth every (cheap) penny (They're cheaper at Target).


All in one binder/bag  the "Better together Pouch"

Keep that in mind as I share some back to school tips! 

1). Nows the time to stock up on medicine! You heard me! Back to school means back to lots of people and lots of germs, items that you normally don't think to pick up should definitely be a need on your list !

2). Pre-pack your food for the first few weeks, this will make it easier and less hectic when getting ready. 

3). Pre-plan your outfits for at least the first week of school! 

4). For my college fellows, sylly week is fun, but use it to your advantage to meet your teachers and personally introduce yourself.

5). Whether you are in high school, college or even middle school. Get yourself some varied colored GEL PENS. It will change the way you take notes and make writing way more fun.

Apps I love for productivity and more. 

1). Forest 

2). Productivity Wizard 

3). Mint (For bills)

4).Twine (Savings) 

5). Over - This is a creative app but I use it to make fun lists that I can cross off and put as my wallpaper so every time I go to waste time on my phone I see my TO DO list and stop myself.