A little late night post...


I've been struggling... and lately when I have found myself in this position, I pull out my laptop and take to my blog. Because sometimes vigrously typing feels better than getting a writing cramp and squeezing my journal. I like being as transparent as possible... and I like sharing my success and my struggles with those who read about them. So I think it's important to give you and expose your mind to raw emotions, thoughts, dreams, and doubts.



Because... no one should ever feel like they aren't good enough... 

I tend to get hyped up really fast, which can sound like a good thing but can also be a bad thing.  It means... although I strive for determination and commitment, I get discouraged really fast. In every industry that I work in, videography, marketing, social media. It's all so hard to not compare your art form to others, but it happens... constantly. Comparing my work to others is something that has been so hard for me. Constantly feeling like I'm not good enough in a certain area, or finding that balance between improving and struggling. But it happens. Which is why and where mental health comes into play. 

Knowing how to be exposed to these types of emotions and how to deal with them when you are feeling them yourself is so important. Knowing that not all days you're going to feel like a perfect human being and that we all have things we can improve on is one of the most important lessons of your early 20s and your life. I DREAMED about my 20s being the most perfect years of my life and like the tweet, I read the other day that hit me right in the feels, it explains that your 20s are in no way shape or form, perfect. Yet, that's kinda what makes them the best years of your growing up and figuring it out portion of life. The truth is your 20s is about figuring out who you are, who you want to be, and how to get there. It's definitely not the place to land in that destination and have all that together. And that's really what I've been feeling down about. Who am I? Where does my main talent or focus lie? What talent or passion should I focus on? Which passion is really my passion? 

And although it feels MESSY and awful, it's life. And growing through is apart of the whole journey. And right now is the time to mess up, and try everything, and keep trying, until it clicks, until you feel absolutely so positive and right about something or some situation that you know there is nothing else, that could light your soul on fire this much in comparrison. 

So as a late night word vomit post, never be afraid of your feelings, everyone has probably felt not good enough at something or at some point in their life. But acknowledge that raw emotion, and do not, let it consume you. Let it nourish you, grow you, and push you to never give up on yourself or your dreams. 



A Toujours