Work | Look Book


This one I call the signature Megan. 

Never underestimate a girl with some white pointed heels, a chunky pearl necklace and peplum blouse with big dreams. 

My pants are from Khols

My top is from H&M. 

Necklace - Target

Shoes - Amazon 


This jumper was a hit at work! Also from amazon, I was super worried about it being see through, it's not, I'm just paranoid, but to be safe I wear a white leo/bodysuit or white spanks underneath! Stripes are in ladies! And I'm clearly lovin' it. 

WORK | Look Book 2018 

I've always had a professional sense of style, I was that girl that was always overdressed for any occasion and I loved it. 

Since starting at GCU, I could dress up a lot more than I do, but nobody tells you that sitting in a classroom for 8 hours is way easier to dress up in then sitting at a desk for 8 hours. And finding a time to go out and try on a bunch of different clothes has been impossible. So I've had to result to shopping online. Finding affordable, cute, and professional clothes was one the biggest challenges I accepted this summer, and I've got it narrowed down to a few reliable places, with the ever so often, tips and tricks to shopping these websites so you don't end up in a ROMWE situation. 

“You can never be overdressed or overeducated”
— Oscar Wilde 

Here are my most worn outfits to work!




GCU Shirt 

Courtesy of Danny, and Amazon

Jeans - Target : Regular skinny jeans cut and frilled by muah.

My go to nude heels - Target  I've talked about these before but oh. my. gosh. I could conquer the world in these things. Literally, if I can shoot a full 12 hour day of wedding, in these bad boys you can surely do anything in them. 

This is by far one of my most favorite work outfits, because it's cute and comfy. One of my co-workers has THE BEST sense of style and because of her these flowy/peplum-ish tops are super popular around the office. This top is from amazon, and I intend on order several more in different colors. I typically wear this with none the less but my favorite white jeggings from Target to keep that put together look. 

I received SO MANY questions and comments on this dress! And with no surprise I actually got it from AMAZON! My biggest tip when I shop on amazon is to ALWAYS read the comments, sizing chart and order a size up! I ordered a large in this dress although I would have definitely fit in a medium, I wanted it to be extra flowy but just shrank it in the wash to make it less baggy! It's one of the most comfiest things I can wear to work especially in these heat waves! My shoes are also from target.