Summer Skin Care Routine | Products I'm obsessed with



I still have acne as a 21-year-old.  And I feel like it's become more and more common that adults in their early 20s+ are still dealing with bad breakouts? It's like as soon as I graduated college and the real world set in my skin was PISSED. I'm also a pre-situation worrier, stress over the tiniest things and currently adjusting to a new life/lifestyle. I know what you're thinking "oh it's because you're 21 you're drinking more or maybe it's your diet." Well, believe me when I say I have tried both of these things and can't seem to get the issue to go away. 

While I was in college it seemed like it was just once a month typical breakouts but lately, it's being either extremely oily or extremely dry. I can't win here! So, after a visit to the dermo, and a few alterations to my skincare routine I posted about in January, here are some new products I'm obsessing over for the summer!

*Disclaimer* some product I have been prescribed by my doctor, so please don't try to get all the products I'm using here. I also don't use ALL these products at once or even all on my face. I have keratosis pilaris on the back of my arms and have extremely sensitive leg skin when it comes to shaving, so some of the prescribed ointments featured here should only be used correctly and prescribe by your doctor.


To start off, these are new products I have been loving lately! I've been wanting to try the Mario Badescu Spray. And just like everyone else, I'm obsessed, most girls I know have the rose spray, or the rose drying powder, but I decided to get lavender because of how relaxing that sent is to me. I also get really swollen and red around breakouts and after a face wash, before I go to bed, or in between my powder setting and contouring stage of my makeup this is the best at calming my skin! 

I was surprised by how easy it was to get my hands on this product. It's typically $7 for a min size and $12 for the full bottle typically at Ulta. 

I was surprised by how easy it was to get my hands on this product. It's typically $7 for a min size and $12 for the full bottle typically at Ulta. 

The next new products I've gotten into are by Clinque. Now, I've always had high regards for their company because my nana, who has extremely sensitive skin always uses their products. The take the day away makeup removing is MAGICAL. I've never had a makeup remover do justice like this does. Shortly after using this product which came in a sample bag from my nana, I found out how big Sammy Robinson was into Clinque, and also was easily able to get the products at Ulta. The first one I tried from Robinson's makeup routine is the moisture surge ultra hydrating lotion. This stuff feels so refreshing and genuinely replenishing on your face I could have used the whole bottle right then and there.

The moisture surge is typically around $12.

These are some products that haven't changed in my routine. 

Witch hazel is a natural remedy that ultimately serves the same purpose as my prescribe Clindamycin. I had forgotten about this product to about April, when my friend David told me to start using it on breakouts and it CLEARED my skin for about two months. It's also great for shaving bumps and ingrown hairs! 

Tretinoin cream was prescribed to me from my dermatologist, originally for my keratosis pilaris which smooths and makes those bumps disappear, I'm currently using a little bit of this with a moisturizer to help my stubborn acne. And when I saw stubborn I mean large bumps that don't even pop but swell and hurt more than usual. 

And of course still loving Pods Cold cream thanks to Maia jane.

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 8.03.54 AM.png

As recommended by my dermo, I use two face washes, one at night which is the Neutrogena rapid clear for stubborn acne. She recommended that I use one cleanser with benzoyl peroxide, and then a very mild facial cleanser I am still using Cetaphil for sensitive skin.

And last but certainly not least, I am still loving the "Dew This" face mask with rose from PINK. I have two tubs of it and it has lasted me quite a while! I love that I can use it more than once. 

The clindamycin foam I was prescribed by my dermatologist originally for the bacterial bumps I would get some shaving/AZ heat. I typically only use this ever so often, but it can be a quick fix to a large breakout! Because when using on your face because is a bacteria killing foam, it can leave your face super dry. 

I hope this helped give you some fresh new ideas/products to try for the summer and keep your skin looking glowy through all this heat!



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