What College Taught Me

It's all hitting us post grads real hard right now isn't it? 

Schools getting back into session, recruitment is starting, so I thought we should take a little stroll down memory lane. 


1). Don't waste your freshman year. 

Everyone says, "oh your freshman year doesn't matter, you're figuring it all out" and although Brad from Sigma Apple Pie has some truth in that statement, your freshman year is for MAKING MOVES people. Establishing the type of 4 years you want to have, and how you're going to make that happen! Take it from someone, who felt like she was walking on thin ice her entire freshman year. I was more lost and insecure than a puppy without its mom. 

"Just Do It" 

quite literally applies big time to your freshman year. 

Go to the party, go to the extra events being held in your dorm, go get help from your teacher, go rush that sorority, GO TO THE DATE DASH. You should ultimately be the yes man of your freshmen class when it comes to opportunities that better yourself. 

2). Find your home. 


Maybe it's not greek life, I had several "homes" while I was in college and every single one built me into the person I am today. It will take some time to figure out but it will happen. 

3). Go on creative adventures

The number of times I showed up to some sort of rally, hosted a photo shoot, or went to Mexico for the day was probably a lot more than the average student at U of A, but because of my adventerous friends and those excursions, my entire creative outlook had changed throughout the course of college.




4). Your hometown, and where you come from is still important








5). Your family is important


Both of them. 









6). Find people that will love you no matter what


7). Make some mistakes

Let's not forget the time I called 911 in the porch, or the countless time someone's date to formal puked on the bus or didn't get let in. Or the number of shoes left at the Sugar Shack after a Fraterday done well.




8). Laugh at those mistakes

9). Find some role models



Not only were these girls everything to me, but I have to mention Laura K Moore, who completely changed my perspective on business and life. Laura is a creative individual that I could listen to talk about the way she sees the world for hours and I have no idea how my senior year would have been remotely close to phenomenal without her.



10). Make your other role models proud

11). Work hard, in everything you do. 

Through photography, PINK, Gphi, the J school, NPPA, and more I always had a lot on my plate, but my college experience being jammed packed made every single moment worth more and more. There was never a reason I could think of that was good enough to say no. So much so that it became a problem and my parents had to talk to me about learning how to say no :) 


12). Do something groundbreaking

There were definitely few moments in college where I thought, "WOW I'm apart of something that has never happened before on this campus". 


The PINK bus being one of them, and the March for our Lives being another extremely important one. 

13). Stand for something worth changing

Like I mentioned, I went to A LOT of rallies, I even got pushed by the mayor one time. (He was super nice and apologetic about it). But through these experiences, I found what I wanted to stand for, believe in,  and be a part of.

14). Be extra

Be extra in the pursuit of all things you. 


But ultimately, be extra for your senior photos. It is the one time in your life you get to celebrate EVERYTHING you've done. So if putting a swan floaty in the fountain, popping way too many bottles of champagne, or in Danny's case having a marg at Illegal Petes at 9 am, all of it is worth it.

15). Find someone as outrageous as you

I'll never understand just why I had to wait till the last month of college to meet the man version of myself, but thank goodness U of A gave me you.

16). For good measure, make the most memories four years could possibly give you.