Weekend Recap

Running a little behind this week so that explains why my "weekend recap"  is being published on a Thursday... oh well... life gets ya sometimes!

It felt so good to finally just not do to much this past weekend. After the wonky schedule of fourth of July, I felt like my brain was on auto-pilot. And I'm REALLY looking forward to getting all caught up this weekend and well rested. 

Friday's always end up being great work wise. (Mostly because we go out for lunch) But a trip to my favorite taco stand Two Hippies will always set ya up for a fun filled weekend! 

I recently got Danny hooked on AHS, because why not prepare him for the upcoming season of pure craziness coming in Sept. (Which I lowkey got super sad about realizing that I would no longer be watching it on the Gphi couch with all my sisters every week). But anyways we had  A LOT  of catching up to do, and now finally moving to either Hotel or Circus... WHICH ONE SHOULD I MAKE HIM WATCH NEXT? 

Saturday, was super fun, because I spent the morning getting pampered and then went to lunch with my darling friend Taylor who I haven't seen in what feels like FOREVER. 

Sunday, I headed to chandler to see my brother and have a little get together with all our closest family/friends. It truly was just a nice weekend, and now I'm wishing this Thursday would go by WAY FASTER. 

ALSO recently upgraded my cublical at work and it's making me THRIVE.