Sex and the City Anniversary

Say what you want about Sex and the City. The boobs, the butts, the sex and the cigarettes, this show has become an icon and female staple in recent years. 


The show was always popular, but Carrie and her friends have resonated with a whole new age of millennials. The underlying themes, messages, and lessons that the SATC bunch go throughout the course of the show are the best representation of taking what life throws at you. And the support and love that the four friends share through almost everything is something just about every girl wants at some point in her life. 


Despite the dramatic love plot twists and the two movie deals, the show really brought it in almost every aspect of a young woman's life: Sex, fashion, adventure, love, career, and friendship.  It's like the Gossip Girl for 21+...but better. 

Even now, after the news that the girls weren't really that close. Their careers have continued and the love for Manhattan has stayed afloat. In fact, Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) is even running for Governor of New York!  

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I took to Carrie for her wild love for love and adventure. Even her writing style inspired me at times. Although disclaimer, you can no longer pay for living in Manhattan-based solely on a sex column in a small newspaper. Trust me, I've looked into it. Not how the journalism world works anymore.

But still, her honest vulnerability and dedication to write through her struggles is something I think we all could use. 

In a USA Today article, the author claims that the show has "aged badly" saying that except for one episode with a lot of feminist themes, the rest of the episodes simply do not "hold-up" in today's mindset of the public. Give or take that statement, the show is still valued by many even 20 years later.


Many homophobic comments or jokes are out of date, but I beg to differ to say it aged badly. If anything the show has an underlying theme of how Carrie Bradshaw would put it, "Maybe girlfriends are your soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with."

Total girl power mindset and inspiring. The whole show basically leads to the plot of Carrie having a succesful career and supportive friend group, before the love plotline comes back into major play with the return of Mr. Big.

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Whether you're a Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, or Miranda all four women have traits that young women finding out who they are can look up too. So you know where I'll be tonight, binge-watching the show that has made women cry, laugh and dream for 20 years now.