On the sad news of Kate Spade...

I got my first Kate Spade wallet, that I purchased myself a little over a month ago. I was so excited like I was finally making big girl purchases with all the money I had saved from my senior session photo shoots. Kate Spade was truly an inspiration and my modern verision of Holly Golightly.. 

My phone BLEW UP Tuesday morning when the news broke about Kate Spade, found dead in her Manhattan Apartment.

When I initially heard the news, I went straight to the blog and started typing away about how could someone with everything be so sad? 

But as days passed more lesson and realizations had developed. I was going to sit here and write this long post about how inspiring Spade and her brand was for SO MANY girls. But the truth of the matter was that this is an opportunity to change the stigma of mental health. Because it is an illness and should be recognized as one. If your body cannot produce a chemical you need to be happy or even cope with the daily things life throws at you, that is not being "dramatic" being a "crybaby" or the individual's fault. The situation of anxiety and depression DESERVES to be acknowledged by more than just "oh you have depression?" "That must mean you're not as strong as everyone else going through stuff."

In retrospect, although this is tragic news about Kate Spade and the family drama that has developed in the days after her passing, I hope someone out there can still look at the situation with a positive magnifying glass. Look, at how much she was struggling with, fighting her own mind about, and yet she still persevered, and she still accomplished so much. Kate Spade has made an impact on lives everywhere and her brand and legacy will live on in the fashion world forever. 

I had never experience anything remotely close to anxiety until this past spring break, and it was uncontrollably scary. It only lasted about 15 mins, so I can't imagine the pain, fear, and recovery, someone with more server conditions goes through.

There is an important lesson to be learned here, you could have everything materialistic and still not be happy. Moments of pure bliss may not come from purchasing an expensive wallet or you're dream apartment. You could pave you're perfect career path, but there are deeper and sweeter moments of live to be thankful for. And if even than you are struggling to feel good, you have the right to get help, and express the hard time you're going through. 

You may have already seen this but I think this mother's facebook post about Spade's passing truly says it all and in a good way.