Home Sweet Scottsdale


Oh the places you'll go... 

Who knew that just moving cities would be so exciting for me. Although lately I've had the urge to see literally every corner of the world, I'm still finding new and exciting things to do right here in Scottsdale, Arizona. I've officially been a resident here for a little over a month and I'M LOVIN' IT - cue the McDonald's ad

It's amazing how broad your boundaries can be when you open up a little. 

I still have A LOT of new places to try but here are some of my favorites so far. (No order)

1). Diego Pops 

Okay, first, the TACOS. and Second, THE AESTHETIC.

3). The Montauk 

Three words: Gallon, sized, Moscow Mules (okay four). 

You can get a BUCKET of your favorite drink like Moscow Mules or Mimosa's here. What I wasn't expecting was the baja fresh theme of this place since mostly everyone talks about their brunch. 

But the food was still good and the drinks we're even better. Be prepared to share the gallon bucket, because it's around $75.

4). Saguaro Hotel 



6). My own apartment 

Not to toot my own horn, but the more my apartment comes together the more I LOVE being there, and as far drinks go, I could say my supply of champagne is quite large thanks to my 21st.

I am SO excited to give you a full tour once it's all ready! 

Even my apartment complex has some trendy spots that I'm really lovin for shoots!

8). Sprinkles Cupcakes 


My weakness. I think about getting a Sprinkles cupcake at least once a day. And I can only imagine how much more I will want to go once Lacey is with me because the ATM has PUPCAKES. I know, I know, I could cry because of the cuteness. 

It's just not that often you can grab a GF cupcake at midnight and sometimes that's just what you have to do.

9). Cacti Mural 

10). Ruze Cake House 


All I'm gonna say is Macaroons, and Lavender everything. This combination makes for a very happy Megan. 


2). Farm & Craft

Get the cold brew on tap. Enough Said. 

Farm  & Craft is the PERFECT place to get trendy photos AND get good quality food, they have great mimosas (as pictured) and very yummy gluten free options. 


5). The Gelato Spot

Randomly came across this place when I went out with my friends for some gelato, walking distance from my place or the Saguaro Hotel. ADORABLE little shop combined with a pizza parlor that gave me all types of NYC feels.

7). Scottsdale Contemporary Art Museum 

I came to this art museum a good amount in high school or when I was home for breaks. They always have the coolest displays and it's free on certain days! (Donations Appreciated for all their hard work). Whenever I'm shooting at the civic center we end up venturing in for a few photos because it LITERALLY right there and so fun. 

Infinity Room Exhibit 

Infinity Room Exhibit 

A few extra to check out for good measure

11). Postino's (I go for the wine and eat the toppings off the bruschetta : ))

12). Culinary Drop out

13). Morning Snooze

14). Breakfast Club

15). Original Chop Shop

Between Phoenix and Scottsdale I've tried SO many new foodie places and I'm loving every second of it. Anyone have any suggestions on experience/beauty places? -Besides the Art of Ice Cream Experience. Look for my top 10 places in Phoenix next! Check out my youtube video to see more exploration of my new home!