Inspiring Others to feel Inspired

How to feel better when you got a case of the mean reds... or blues. 


I've been learning lately that any dry spell of inspiration, creative creation, or just down in the dumps is really a result of my own avoidance for self-care and priority checks. Don't get me wrong it's normal and good to have those off days where you feel like you should just lay in bed or cuddle with a movie, or ACTUALLY rest. But when it's happening more often than not it's typical to find yourself dry of motivation or inspiration and in the midst of a creative rut.

So I'm hoping this here will help inspire you to let yourself feel inspired by others. 

My advocacy for Girl boss's and other women like me who will stop at nothing to make their dream career flourish has been my drive for about two-ish years now, and although I still have a lot to grow through, My dry ruts come and go and I've had to learn how to move past them both in a career setting and creative mindset. 


So here are some things that help. 

First, you have to give your mind a break. My job right now requires me to pay EXTREME attention to detail. Which I don't mind but has been an adjustment to constantly do this for 8 hours a day, and then find time to pay just as much attention to detail on my own projects. So, give your mind a break. Take a walk, draw, make a list, have a dance party. ANYTHING. But, as a suggestion for a better and fresher flow of creativity... don't bog your beautiful mind down with just scrolling and tap as your "break" (You know what I'm referencing.)

Here are some of my favorite lists. 





Seriously, I am a list FREAK. But it helps. List help me stay motivated, inspired, and productive throughout the long days. The little satisfaction you get from cross off a "To-Do" on your list is exactly the stimulate you to need to keep going. To keep that flow of ideas and efficiency there, to keep focused, and to keep crossing things off that lists. Yes, it's a vivacious and wonderful cycle. 

But when I can't seem to shake that dry spell or need some fresh new ideas, even it's as simple as a refined morning routine, I turn to my good ol' friend Pinterest. Honestly, guys, I don't think Pinterest will ever go out of style, I legit have a board for just about anything you could think of. And that's PERFECTLY FINE, ya know why? Because apps like Pinterest (it literally means pin + interests) and Tumblr or we heart it are a digital space to feel inspired by a curated algorithm of your favorite things, what could be more satisfying?! Here are my favorite "Feel Better" lists on Pinterest. Also, follow me at Megan Lange for the most aesthetically pleasing inspiration. When all is said and done, there are a few things that I know boost my moral that I've been avoiding or "pushing off" that I know I shouldn't lately.  


Dance Parties 

Screaming my favorite songs 

Currently Loving 

My My My - Troye Sivan Throtle remix 


Ariana Grande - God is a woman 


Listening to my Sunday Playlist 



Self Care


Vitamin D 

Face Masks 


Fresh Flowers 



If I'm looking for career-boosting inspo, or creative outlet I will

watch my favorite Youtubers 

-Shani Grimmond

-Jame Charles

- Michael Finch

-Lilly Brown

Meditate - My favorite right now is Alli Michelle's Instagram TV Video.

Listen/Read The Champagne Diet 

Read books like Grace Not Perfection - Check out my favorite books to read when feeling down here

An updated booklist is coming soon!