Hayley + Austin's Wedding In San Diego

It's been a HOT minute since I've been to the San Diego area of California. And although I'm way more into Huntington, this was such a fun change for a California Trip. We stayed at The Republic Hotel in downtown San Diego, close to D's brother and Fiancé who were nice enough to show us around and take us to the night life of downtown SD. So as you can imagine my love for city life, and the beach were both fulfilled. 


Not to mention my love for WEDDINGS. My good friend Valerie in Gamma Phi had reached out to me about her brother Austin getting married in June, and it just so happened that it was the weekend Danny and I would be in SD. How. Perfect. I was thankful I got to capture their elegant backyard wedding which felt like we were right in the beautiful hills of Napa. (I had no idea SD had this pretty of an area) And, these two met when they were 16! The love and support that surrounded them was incredible, and so were all the other details of the their day! I can't wait to share their highlight with you! 

Because of the "adulting" Danny and I had to drive to California Friday night, the wedding was Saturday, and we got to visit Mission beach on Sunday. We also got to spend quality time with Sophie who is THE COOLEST gem from Ireland visiting D's family at the time. 

I also got to cross off some bucket list items like actually making it to Mission Beach, and Buzzed Coffee Lab. Both we're nice but I wasn't overwhelmingly impressed with all the hype. Oh whale. 

The avo toast though was essential. I ended up loosing my voice COMPLETELY, after being sick last week and then all the travel, so hopefully that will return soon and I can stop communicating through only writing at work :) 

Needless to say it was a lovely and fast weekend, and I couldn't be more thankful that D's parents invited me on this weekend trip!