Powerful Podcasts for your 20s

So... I started listening to podcasts because I guess that's what adults do?

Just kidding... but I hadn't found a podcast that kept my attention the way the episodes I've recently discovered have. And to be frank, I really didn't see the point in them until I gave them a try. I've always been the kind of worker that listens to the classical music of Sinatra to keep my mind focused. But my friends and especially my good friend David started mentioning them and I wanted to see what all the hype was about. 

Turns out I LOVE THEM. 

This past semester I danced with the idea of a podcast being a really good bridge between my creative focus on blogs and videos. 

We even had a chance to be on a Tucson Podcast, in one of my ethics class and it was soo fun. 

Even more so I REALLY wanted to share the personality and light of my friend's convos with everyone. Because like for many years, I believe if someone followed me around for a week with a camera it would be a SMASH HIT. 

And on a professional level podcasts are great voice advice, opinions or bring up controversial topics.

SO, as an inspiring young woman in my 20s, in multiple creative industries I give you this miracle of a list for the BEST Podcast for in your 20s. 


Personal Favs 

1. Style Your Mind

2. The Influencer's Podcast 

3. Don't Keep Your Day Job 

4. The Strategy Hour

Other GREAT Podcasts 

The Minimalist Podcast

The Goal Digger Podcast 

Being Boss 

Side Hustle Pro  


As you can probably tell, there is a major theme to the podcast I listen too and this is because I believe you should make your choices in your podcast 100% useful, and influential. And... while we are on the topic of Girl Boss, Boss Babes, and Podcast...I have extremely exciting news involving my darling friend David coming soon!