Page Springs Cellars

Part two of my birthday weekend! 

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I couldn't be more thankful that my mother's birthday and my birthday are only 5 days apart. Although as Tauruses this made us butt heads quite often... it also meant we always went full out on our birthday celebration. 

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After celebrating in my favorite place, with my favorite people, my family our good friend Dan, and Krysteeana headed to Sedona for the weekend to do something I always wanted to do as a 21-year-old... a wine tour!! 

Our original plan was to head to Nappa, but after the wildfires, we decided to explore some more Arizonian spots for the weekend. 

Page Springs Cellar

Wine tour 

So we headed to Page Spring Cellars, and WOW what an experience. 

Not only are the grounds beautiful.... learning about the process of making wine was truly amazing and sharing this experience with my family is something I will cherish forever. 

2018-04-28 13:49:01.012.JPG

Probably the only time it was acceptable to spend $200+ on tasty bottled and unique wine.... unless I go to Spain or something.

The rest of the weekend we spent in Sedona exploring and relaxing. Indulging in some amazing sushi with my favorite Japenese pro Dan the man with the crazy plan.  It was the most perfect way to top off my birthday week full of celebrations! 

and by the way the food was amazing!!!