I'm Graduated! Wildcat for life ... but Lopes Up??

First off, lets start with GradUAtion. 

I can not believe I have been an alumni of The University of Arizona for almost 3 weeks now. In that time span I've received a job, got an apartment, started work, and shopped for my (technically second) place. 

There were definitely some sad moments like remanicing on all the memories I've made the last three years here, and moving out Gamma Phi, and saying goodbye to Hannah Lane, but overall I cried a whole lot less than I expected to. Like my mom said, it's not as sad as it is exciting. An entire new chapter in your life where you know nothing. Literally, don't even try to pretend you know how it's all gonna go because the beginning of adult world is the scariest, most exciting time in your life. I had some high expectations for college... and although college was scary, this new chapter of my life is literally a whole new world. Q the Aladin gif!!

I was so happy that I got to spend time with family and friends during graduation including meeting Danny's family and friends. 

I'm definitely over the 21 year old binge, having a glass of wine after work has been nice, and I'm sure once I'm in the heart of Old Town I'll wanna go out more often but the adjustment to post-graduation life is WEIRD MAN. 

I'm excited to officially announce that YA GIRL GOT A JOB. 

I will be moving to Scottsdale and starting my first big girl job as a digital marketing specialist at Grand Canyon University. I am actually super excited to only be 4 miles away from my Dad's work so lunch dates ALL THE TIME. 

I'm looking forward to being in an extremely detailed orientated position, which helps soothes my O.C.D and perfectionism haha. 

Funniest thing was when I was looking for apartments in Scottsdale, one of my sorority sisters pulled up right behind me and decided to move in as well with another Gamma phi! 

The greeks are taking over! 

One of the most interesting things about my job is the experience I have has led me to be able to navigate through sites and systems quickly. But my side projects like learning Java, Script/HTML on my own will be what keeps me on top of tasks and able to excel in the position. 

Last but not least, I am looking forward to growing through this opportunity. I think being focused on the strategic needs of the marketing during my day job will give me the liberty and passion to focus on my creative outlets after hours. I'm excited to share all the new projects and branding for myself that will being developing in the next couple of months!

Click through below to see more pics from graduation!


A Toujours,