21, 21, 21,


It started in NYC...then Tucson.... and ended in Sedona. What a whirlwind of a birthday week! 


New York called when I turned 21... and so did Rick Ross??

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Bottled Service 

Up & Down Club  - Manhattan, New York

Thanks to the amazing reps and now good friends I've met through PINK my first bar life experience was unbeatable. We were at Rick Ross's party... in the VIP section... a Swedish girl bought me a cake... and I drank more champagne than I ever thought possible... needless to say I finally caught a break and had the most amazing 21st.

The recovery was filled with matcha, a manicure courtesy of PINK and lots of Macaroons.

Meanwhile back in Tucson....

Meanwhile back in Tucson....




To everyone who helped me celebrate turning 21... I could not think of a more perfect day and birthday. So let's just dive into all the shenanigans After the trip to NYC had pushed the birthday festivities back a few days... I was back in Tucson and within 24 hours was getting ready for the best day and night of my life. To describe it any better I would just like to say the open scene from Legally Blonde where "Perfect Day" is playing as the opening credits roll was literally what the day felt like....plus that song was on my birthday playlist about 5 times. and huge special S/O first to my mom who came down just to have birthday breakfast with me at our favorite Gluten Free restaurant Gourmet Girls, and meet Danny and to Krysteeana who made sure she was there to help me set up and take on the bars with me all night long.