Spring Break '18 - California

At last, spring break is finally here....and my last "spring break" ever. 

Who can agree that many vacays nowadays has to include some instaworthy-ness? I know, I know, it's a shame but I'll be straight up about it, I always keep that in the back of my mind when planning a trip. What else can a girl in the digital marketing world be expected to do?! 

Huntington Beach, CA   Leave it to us to be a week early for the bus convention on Huntington Pier :)

Huntington Beach, CA 

Leave it to us to be a week early for the bus convention on Huntington Pier :)

I love California, and for the longest time, I hated California. I had convinced myself that getting dirty in the sand or not wearing heels for a couple days was torture and not my style. Then my VW bus loving, perfectly tanned boyfriend came into the picture. We took our first trip to California our senior year of high school for spring break so it only felt fitting that we go back to that place for my last spring break of college. 

This time around we had planned to leave Sunday and be gone for 3 days. Walker then thought that it would be an awesome idea to leave at 1 am so technically Saturday night. Which it was indeed an awesome plan till our course of action changed a bit. 

Sunset Beach, We've been staying at a little INN right on the beach where NO ONE is ever at. it's super private an amazing view from the room!

Sunset Beach, We've been staying at a little INN right on the beach where NO ONE is ever at. it's super private an amazing view from the room!

Our first stop was going to be Salvation Mountain. I know right, gosh how trendy and insta perfect of me. But because it was night time we didn't want to take the Mexi-Cali way. This meant that getting there was going to be an 83-mile detour but we would get there almost at sunrise. I KNOW, AGAIN, HOW INSTA PERFECT. What we didn't calculate for was a time change, and no traffic on the road because of it being night time. 

Love you endlessly

What I didn't know, was that going this route meant we had to go through a national park, and then take the long 53 mile stretch of nothing to get to the actual mountain. 

Still dark and pretty creepy, I started feeling uneasy about our drive into the national park. Mind you, I really hadn't ever had anxiety problems or panic attacks. ever. So what I was experiencing was all brand new and extremely uncomfortable. About 12 miles deep into this national park there are MASSIVE rocks. I'm talking it looked like we had left earth, and landed in a galaxy far far away and the creatures of star wars were about to jump out and get us. Between that and feeling like snow white when she runs through the scary forest I was extremely on edge, I had no idea what set me off but what happened next was unexplainable.

I all of a sudden could feel everything a whole lot more than usual. Meaning ever turn the car took and break we pushed felt a lot harder then usual. My chest starting hurting and I started breathing really heavy, I had never felt that sense of fear before and I felt like I was going to get sick. 

Walker had pulled the car over when he realized I really needed to stop for a second, and I started crying for absolutely no reason. 

After 10 min of Walker calming me down, I made the decision to turn around and head onward to CA. I was pretty disappointed in myself and of course, bummed that we wouldn't make to Salvation Moutain, but I know we will get there someday. 


The rest of the trip was absolutely exceptional! Totally making up for the crazy experience in the morning. We got to Huntington beach right after sunrise and spent the morning on the beach.

All foodie pics ^^^

We basically beach hopped and foodied our way across the coastline. Stopping in Manhattan, Sunset, Huntington, and Laguna Beach. Since Walker lived in CA last summer, he had some spots he definitely wanted to show me like Manhattan Beach. Which of course I love just for its name. Or as Walker would say, "It's the Scottsdale of CA."

Check out more from our trip on the vlog and Instagram! 

I'm especially thankful for Walker handling an unknown situation that well. And for always teaching me the importance of "unplugging". Although he puts up with being my photographer a lot of the time, he's definitely helpful in teaching me to slow down and enjoy the present moments without being connected to social media.

There is a calming and positive presence you feel when being engulfed in the ocean. Being lost in the movement of the waves has become one of my favorite things. The calmness of the ocean in the early morning has to be added to my list of why I love the mornings so much. This trip was extremely needed as my last semester of college has been such a whirlwind. I'm feeling refreshed and recharged. Inspired to finish my last two months of college strong!


Spring Break/ Beach  Essentials

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