This Holiday Season

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight! 

I love winter break, especially when I'm reunited with good people from my hometown and for the first time since I started college don't have to take a winter course! 

Of course, I kept myself busy but the break and catching up on sleep was much needed. It honestly mind boggles me the ways our bodies and mental health survive during the last weeks of a semester.

This break definitely had some unexpected turns but taught Walker and I a lot of important lessons. 

When I was giving Walker a ride to work one day, he got a call that his good friend had passed away in a car accident. I had been around the boys a lot in high school and the years following.

Not only was it heartbreaking to think about someone losing their life so young but my heart broke seeing so many close friends and family affecting by this and mourning his death.

Dillon was one of the most adventurous and sweetest boys I knew from high school and out of Walker's friends he always found a reason to have a smile on his face.

We were extremely thankful to still have one of our good friends with us that was also in the crash. 

After celebrating Dillon's life and gathering with many high school and community friends, Walker and I truly hoped this was a lesson learned to everyone affected. 

We are truly grateful for the time spent with Dillon and look back at his life as a blessing in our lives as such a bright light on cloudy days. After a long day and multiple prayers and cries in church, it became very obvious how this would change many of us for the better.

1). Always wear your seatbelt 

2). Cherish the time you get to spend with loved ones like its always your last chance

3). Life is too short to be unhappy or not do more of the things you love

4). Dillon lived every day to his fullest, and from that, I think we can all put a little more inspiration from Dillon in our day to day lives.

Rest in paradise Dill.


Here's some fun stuff from our Christmas time!