Happy New Year! Here's to 2018!

Happy 2018!

Yet another year has come and gone, and unlike every other year, I truly haven't sat down with a journal to think about what inspires me and drives me for the upcoming 365 days that lie ahead And besides a few obvious goals like GRADUATING, I haven't really established my "resolutions". I would guess that's due to my goals for this year being more along the lines of "grow spiritually" and "connect with others more". Not necessarily your typical resolutions of "exercise more" or "eat better". I saw this tweet the other day, and as excited as I was for 2018 this tweet is so relatable. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 8.33.29 PM.png


Here are a few things I'm looking forward too in 2018! 

1). CSC Charity Ball (3rd year filming for CSC)

2). Koko's 21st Birthday 

3). Spring Break! 

4). Last PINK events

5). My 21st Birthday 

6). Graduation! 

7). Moving 

8). Traveling 

9). Writing 

10). Enjoying life to the fullest 



I was really excited to get to spend some time with my favorite MARRIED FRIENDS this new year's eve just like last! The night was just how I was hoping to ring in the new year with a day of fun and adventures to start off the new year! Koko and I started the day by having breakfast with Walker and then went on a hike! BUT! Even though it's a new year, it's the same taste pallete! So after the hike we stopped for Sauce! 


Here are some of my goals for 2018! 

1). Full-Time Launch my career and wherever that takes me! 

2). Live on my own! (Adult) 

3). Travel 

4). Cherish time with loved ones

5). Continue to work on my book! 

6). Capture more precious moments 

7).  Journal More 

8). Read more

9). Listen more 

10). Do more of what makes me happy!