January Favorites!

Salt Lamp 

Say what you want but I feel like salt lamps totally help the zen and energy of a room, we actually have a large salt lamp in our room @ Gphi and I have one in my room at home! My mom had actually received one as a gift and I totally made fun of her for it when she first got it but I'm obsessed with mine! (Sorry mom). The next time I saw them was at a Float spa they had a ton of them to contribute to the aubeance of the spa!




Lavender everything

Not only is my lavender my favorite scent for relaxing but I recently really have been into aromatherapy, mostly from Bath and Body works! This is my favorite pillow mist and whenever I use it, I knock out! I wake up feeling like I got a full night's rest.


Essential Oils and Aromatherapy 

I also purchased some other scents that I felt could really benefit my life. This "happiness" soap bar always makes me feel fresh and clean while adding an awesome scent to my shower. I don't think I will purchasing the soap bar again.  It does leave my skin feeling a little too squeeky and it rough. However, this could be because I'm dealing with Tucson water!


Zuccini Noodles 

Every month we get some awesome and new recipe's for Gphi dinners by our chef! Sometimes a hit or miss, they hit it straight out of the ball park with lots of zuchhinni noodles and sweet potatoe flan! SAY WHAT I know, sounds super weird but gluten free and seriously taste like pumpkin pie! 


Sweet Potatoe Flan 



What do you meme 

SO... if you are late to the hottest gift of this Christmas then you have to know I too am a huge fan of this game! Walker got it for Christmas and it has been a BLAST everytime we've played it.  I definitely suggest age restriction, and play with at least 4 people! 


Iced Coffee with Almond Milk 

This has actually been my second favorite drink this month! My first being a dirty chi!

Color-coding everything 


Bath Soaks


January most played

Lay me down - Dirty Heads

Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson

Jubel- Klingande 

Amber- 311

My my my! Troye Sivan 

The Good Side - Troye Sivan 

MIC Drop - Steve Aoki ft. Designer

Ocean Drive - Duke Dumont 

Only Angel - Harry Styles 

Kiwi- Harry Styles 

I'm currently swamped with school and life. But mentally preparing for Spring Break and it couldn't come faster! Keep a lookout for my clothing haul, room tour, and valentine's day post!

A Toujours