All New PINK Beauty

All new PINK beauty is dropping 2/6... and it's gonna be fabulous.

As campus reps we got these amazing beauty boxes gifted to us before the beauty launch date! 

I've been testing out the products all week and here's what I'm loving on! 

Urban Bouquet Body Mist - OKUR YES. Not only did PINK score a hole in one with this packaging but the smell is incredible! The back says "petal to the metal" and I couldn't agree more. It's definitely a girly smell if you are into that, but even if I wasn't totally obsessed with the smell I would leave the bottle on display just because it's pretty.

Face Mask- Packaging and "trendy" description is an A+. But personally not a fan of sheet mask :

Really looking forward to the day they come out with mud masks.

Coco Lotion- Just like all the crazed beauty trends coconut lotion is a must and PINK did an awesome job incorporating that into an overall theme of their beauty line. 

Soap & Skin- Also includes coconut oil which I think is really great. I haven't had the chance to use this yet but from the packaging and smell I'm getting major LUSH vibes but for a better price! 

Bath bombs - Here's what I have to say, don't try to compare and a good product with another good product. I know a prime goal of any bath bomb is to live up to the Lush "insta worthy" bathtub pic with glitter or fancy colors. But let's be real if you're actually taking a bath the glitter, and hard staining color is just going to re-stress you cleaning it up after you just de-stressed using it! I think for the price, and quality PINK's bath bombs do the job right. I haven't tried these two scents but so far loving the names.

For a chance to win an ALL NEW PINK beauty box, head on over to @arizonavspink when we release our beauty contest rules!