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I like to think my daily routine, morning routine and night time routine is carefully structured using all the serums, ointments and lotions a girl could ever dream of. But it isn't. I try my best have a solid routine that works for me with some helpful treatments and tips along the way.


In the morning and in the shower I've been loving Neautogena Acne Stress control. I just recently switched back to this creamy and refreshing face wash when I noticed how much my skin was suffering from my inability to control my stress levels. It works best for me when I get a really painful pimple of random breakouts in weird places. 

Makeup Removers 

I go back and forth with removing my makeup with wipes or with creme. If I use wipes I typically grab whatever has the most bang for my buck. Neutrogena travel size pack are my favorites for easy careering around. But my face feels the cleanest after using Targets Up and Up brand of exfoliating face wipes. The beads and fresh smell really make sure they get ALL your makeup off. 

Night time Washing 

When I'm not being lazy and actually wash off my face before bed, I use Cetaphil, I have hoped on to the bandwagon of this brand yet. (Because all of my sorority sisters have the jumbo size and use it daily). I found when I used it too often it wasn't fighting against breakouts which I really need. But it is a clean and refreshing quick wash before hitting clean sheets.


Skin Dr. 


The semi-scary looking products above are prescribed by my dermatologist. Clindamycin I use for really hard breakouts and weird bacteria build up. The tretinoin cream I use on the back of my arms to smooth dry dumbs that I've dealt with  for years. The razor looking object is a little trick I learned from friend that I talk about a view scrolls down. And last but not least this .99 cent face mask from T-T-TTarget is a life saver! I perfer mud masks over sheet masks and anything that says relaxing and has lavender scents, I'm sold.

Face Mask Queen

Treat Yo' Self

Grab a face mask... or if you're like me grab 20

Just as I mentioned before, face masks are my life saver. It's the perfect way to take a little you time. Freshen up and treat yo' self for as little as .99 cents. If I'm going to splurge on some skin products I love this chocolate one from Lush. You have to keep this cold but it makes it that much more refreshing and honestly smells like I have yummy choclate frosting on my face. But the main target is oily skin which I deal with A LOT. After this mask my face always feels smooth and free of excess oil.


When it 

comes to tanning...

Cats out of the bag... I SELF TAN. But doesn't everyone? I've simplified my tanning routine down to these 3 steps. I've been loving this Jergens Instant sun, it doesn't break the bank and with two coats I get that glowy tan effect. I also know if you're trying to splurge on an awesome self-tanner St. Tropez or Bondi

Before tanning I EX-FOIL-IATE! This has made a huge difference in my self-tan process. With this prep step my tan goes on smoother and stays on longer. After I get out of the shower I put on the tanner and wait till it's 90% dry. I then immediatly follow with my Aveenon daily mosturizer. I found that this step fixes the tanner from getting bunched up in one spot and leaving for awkward orange parts around mostly your knees, wrists, and elbows. Lastly, if I do get any small break out from sweating in the tanner or whatever, I make sure to use Cetaphil on my body and face when taking the tanner off. 


I'll keep you

my dirty little secret

This discovery was life changing, thanks to the roomie Hannah. These little babies come in a pack of three at Target and if used correctly, really help your skin glow, and feel softer after just one use. Take this dull razor across your face once a week to remove dead skin, unwanted baby hair and makeup that is staying on your skin like you would've never thought possible. I do this once a week + a face mask and my face is like a whole new person. 


You are what 

you eat

"Eat Pretty" is also featured in my Books I can't live without post, but thought it was worth a mention because we constantly overlook how much what we digest can affect our skin. I for sure have not mastered what foods do and do not benefit the skin but this book and The Body Book by Cameron Diaz both have helped me a lot when it comes to re-thinking the two-pieces of cake I just ate or another sugar sweet cocktail. Also above is the mini brush I use to exfoliate and dry brush when I have time. Last but definitely not least is the PONDS cold cream, not only does this do wonders for moisturization but it also helps remove eye makeup if you're like me and are afraid of user harsh removers near your eyes. I was introduced to this product by my lovely friend Maia.


Take care of 

your skin... it'll thank you later