Ginger is my life saver

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Oh how I hated ginger a few years back. Ask me to partake in the spicy, tangy delight at the end of a sushi meal and I would have ran out the door. Until I learned to love it, and learned to not only incorporate it into my cooking but to help soothe an upset stomach from celiac symptoms.

Today I’m sharing with my fellow food allergy babes, and even celiac members my top trick for feeling better.

Although too much of anything isn’t a good thing, ginger, is my go to for naturally trying to ease my symptoms whether they arise from celiac, food allergies or other illnesses.

Ginger, and ginger root is anti-inflammatory, and makes for a great addition to your cooking. I like to incorporate this into my chicken and rice dishes as well as finishing off my fish or veggies depending on the form that I have it in that week.

Ginger is even said to make sure it’s on hand if someone with a gluten intolerance and especially celiac disease ingest gluten. Lately, I have especially been loving ginger tea! It’s also said to have many other health benefits such as relieves arthritis, soothes migraines, kills cancer cells, lower’s blood sugar, reduces cough colds. It’s also good for us ladies whether it’s morning sickness or menstrual pain! The active ingredient in ginger, Gingerol significantly helps fight infection! Hence why it can help with so many inflammatory symptoms.

As far as absorption, like I mentioned I try to incorporate into my diet, drink as a tea, or simply snack with it! You can also get ginger supplements from your local Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods. It’s also available as a powder but best effects result from ingesting it into you system to be more responsive.


I hope this has helped some of you out there with tummy issues or other inflammatory health issues! Let me know what you use when you’ve eaten gluten to get some relief! Note: consuming ginger does not reverse or heal the damages of eating gluten if you are allergic, it can only relief some of your temporary pain and symptoms.


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Eating My way Through DisneyLand

Hello Darlings! I am so excited to finally be writing this post!


All the Snacks I packed for Disneyland

Almond Butter



Protein Bars


Lots of Zip Fizz

Side note: I had a celiac flair up while I was in Disneyland and there is a post coming soon about all my updated health struggles.

But for today I’m going to take you through everything I ate while I was at the happiest and Semi-gluten free place on earth! Prior to the trip I was really excited about the gluten free food that I knew I enjoyed and foods that help me not focus on the fact that I can’t stuff my face with churros.

However, this trip brought new challenges. Since I now have a dairy, soy, and egg free diet, I wasn’t sure how well Disney would be able to accommodate or more so how well I would be able to navigate what I can and can’t eat.


Knowing that I didn’t want to spend $20 a meal in the park, and since cutting out dairy canceled a majority of my favorite D-land snacks such as Mickey Bars and Coke Floats. My snacks were limited to pickles (huge fan) and pop-corn. Of course fruits and veggies but I could bring those myself.

Tips for eating Allergy Friendly In Disney Land.png

My snacks primarily consisted of fruit, protein bars, and almond butter. I looked up ALOT of menu’s prior to going so Skylar and I could have some what of a game plan for what and where we wanted to eat worked into our busy schedule of riding rides.

It must have been the Arizonians in us but we ended up eating alot of tacos. Not only gluten free but fast, filling, and delicious.

Day 1

Driving to Califorina - We were so happy we only had to stop once for gas on our way to California. We felt like we got there in such good time, but it could’ve been because we had a bomb playlist to bop to the whole way there.

Once we arrived to settled in, took a nap and headed to Tortilla Jo’s for dinner in downtown Disney. I know how original Mexican food as soon as we go there.

Of course I couldn’t say no to table side quac. We love a good quac experience people. I got the tacos de carnitas street tacos. Which was pork and pickled veggies, no cheese. I also got the black beans instead of refried. Because refried beans can sometimes be made with milk. Also couldn’t say no to the Sangria which was amazing!


What came after dinner was something straight from heaven and a treat I have been craving every day since we left. They replace the Haagen-Dazs in downtown with Salt and Straw. Now, I hadn’t heard of this place all I need was that it was ice cream, so when a sprinkles worker across the way suggested I go there for a gluten free, vegan, egg free and soy free treat….. Of course, I had. to. go.

They are a huge selection and were so thoughtful with allergies. I ended up getting the Lemon with Blueberry and Toasted Strawberry Coconut.

Sky got the honey lavender which is one of my go to ice cream flavors but it was not allergy friendly.

To sum things up the foodie part of the trip was off to a fantastic start.

Day two

Day two was all about optimizing snacks - It was our first day in the park and we had a mission.

We settled for a the “blue milk” in Star wars land to see what the hype was about. Once I got past the color I could really enjoy the flavor, coldness (it was almost more like a slushy versus milk. This treat is made out rice and coconut milk so I was super excited I could participate in the judging. Since almost everyone who got one would stand completely still in one spot in order to adequately judge the quality of treat we heard about for so long being right in our hands.

We had lunch at the Bengal Barbecue, mainly for their meat skewers and rice. I got the Rice place with veggies and Chicken but didn’t eat the slaw included. I also got bacon covered asparagus only to remember when I was looking at my allergy charts that I’m 100% not suppose to eat asparagus. Way to go Megan.

That night we had reservations at Blue Bayou, the restaurant inside of Pirate of Caribbean! I was so excited to eat there because 1). I never had and was still bitter that my brother got to go back when I was a little kid lol. and 2). When we went to made the reservation, you could include in your reservation all the allergies your party had. This was so helpful and alot of restaurants do this within the parks! So not only were they perfectly accommodating of my loads of issues but our water took such great care of making sure I could eat something! The evening was so lovely, and the food was worth every penny. I got the chicken and veggies with a Louisiana lemonade.

I also finally got my pickle as a snack aha. And can't forget to mention we had alot of Starbucks while there, I usually went for a Green-Tea lemonade for a pick me up.

Day Three


We spent the morning in California Adventures and having eaten our snacks for breakfast we thought we would be good to go for a quick Starbs and then onto all the thrill rides. Let me say that again …. all the thrill rides. We couldn’t tell if it was because we were old, chugged Starbs right before, or just off but DANG. We felt hungover sick after, we had to try to eat a few snacks to make it too 10:30 when SmokeJumpers Grill opened. I got a grilled chicken sandwich with a GF bun and GF fries.

Side Note: There were restaurants I tried to eat and couldn’t, either because the allergy options were limited or the workers weren’t very interested in helping me find something to eat.
-Alien Pizza Planet

-Rancho Del Zocalo Restaurente

Other snacks I ate besides pickles were popcorn and Goofy’s sour gummy worms. We pretty much just snacked that night for dinner since we wanted to catch Fantasmic.

Day four

Our last day in the park consisted of us starting the day back in Disneyland and re-riding rides haha. We headed back to Star Wars land for lunch and some photo-opts.


We ate at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo. This was almost the best experience I had eating while in Disney. After the discouraging day I had before, I was happen to be handed a completely allergy friendly menu that had options for every allergy down to tree nuts! Thank the lord! I got the Yobshrimp Noodle Youngling Salad. Which, it was a kid’s option so a little small but so good! It was surprisingly so accurate to the sloshly food I thought they ate in the Star Wars movies haha. We didn’t get to eat at the Cantina in Star Wars land because it was reservation only.

We headed back to California Adventures for dinner. Sky had knocked off everything off her eating list except a bread bowl, and we knew we could go to the same area but different restaurants over at Pacific Wharf. I ended up getting tacos… again but they were delicious from Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill. We also wanted to cheers to a great trip with a Marg from Rita’s Margaritas.

Day Five

Heading home. We spend the morning packing and making our way to my favorite beach Huntington Beach Pier! There were two things that I knew I could eat that I had to have if I was going to be in Californian. North Shore Poke Co. and Banzai Bowls. YUMM. I swear I could live off those two things alone. I had to watch out for bananas and flaxseed in the Banzai bowls but was able to customize my order without them and had them use apple juice instead of hemp milk.

Although this trip brought lots of eating challenges, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to vaycay with my little. There were so many belly laughs and honestly she’s a great travel buddy, but I mean she is my little so what do I expect haha.

Until next time

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