Memorial Weekend Grub

Okay… a little late but Happy Memorial Day Weekend loves!

oh how different this year was compared to last.. in a good way! I spent this weekend WITH. MY. GIRLS. And I honestly couldn’t think of a better way to spend it. Not only does girl time give you the best and purest belly laughs, but no lie, a girls weekend wild or calm, is much needed more often than you think.

No it’s not what you think, we don’t go around shouting “Men are trash”… that often.


And we don’t have pillow fights in our pjs, it’s more like share your worst date or embarrassing hook-up stories.

Here to be nothing but transparent folks!

This weekend we…

indulged, relaxed and boy did we dance and sing. And that, my friends is what a perfect weekend looks like to me.

I was excited to have all my girly friends over to show them the new place and truly put my house warming hosting skills to the test.

I started the weekend with a half day on Friday, lunch with Krysteeana, running a few errands for the party and heading to Mill Ave. for Kelsey Bday! Shockingly enough I drank mostly water on Mill and still had a fabulous time dancing with the ladies.



I spent the morning getting ready for everyone to come over which included cleaning, perfecting a playlist, and prepping our charcuterie (or chartreuse as our tipsy selves like to call) board. I had never made one but had been itching at the chance ever since I read Kyndra’s Kitchen post about how to make the most. perfect. board for hosting

We did a board with gluten free options and one with non-gluten friendly options.

The rest of the long weekend

I spent with family and family friends that were town. Since I had the day off Monday I was KEEN, I getting ahead for the week. LOL good one Megan. I thought I had gotten pretty far ahead but this weekend has sprinted away from me for sure. Oh well, what’s the fun of life if you’re too busy trying to catch up instead of just living for the moment.


But of course we should take some time to remember why we get this long weekend and those who have served and died in protecting our country. And if you’ve never been to a memorial that honors those who have died and you’re in or near your 20s, WYD! Hope you had a great memorial day weekend!

Till next time!


A Toujours