National 401K Day!

Happy National 401K Day! Say what? Financial advise? Megan whomst do you think you are? Ya, ya I know, but recently I’ve been trying to conquer my fear of finances. And learning about 401Ks was one of my first “adulting lessons” of the corporate world. When most of our generation is stuck with living in the present. We aren’t thinking about the future and how to prepare/save for it. No ma’m I do not not want to be 75 with a mortgage payment still.

So I hope you enjoy this little background info about 401Ks! I’m sharing just a few key things I’ve learned about 401Ks and money money MONEY!!

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Let's Celebrate some Boss Babes ... Slaying there 20s

I am so excited to be sharing this series with you! There is an amazing, untapped community of influential girl bosses on the rise in AZ and I’m here to shine some spotlight on them. Your twenties are some of the most inspirational years of your life but they don’t come without growing pains. As young women, who are career driven, I think it’s so important to share with others how we are chasing our dreams and fiercely creating the life we want for ourselves. I believe there is power within community, and we all have a message to be shared.

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