Beauty Counter Social with Emily!

Hey Frannnnzzzz!


Okay, so if you read my last post, I have been STRUGGLING with my skin, hormones, and gluten. So, finding a new regiment has been hard. [ENTERS: BEAUTY COUNTER WITH EMILY MOSBY MUA]. You guys already know that I whole heartedly or enough to tattoo my face trust Emily and her knowledge and experience in skincare and makeup. So yesterday, I went to her fun social that was focused on sharing Beauty Counter’s message and purpose. This post is essentially going to be for my documentation of this skin journey/health journey I am on. I should be receiving my products from Beauty Counter this week or next week, and I can’t wait to share with you guys what I got, how they are working and just how much Emily and the brand has helped me! I was BLOWN away with their dedication to all skin types, and CLEAN products. Because ladies, it’s scary the stuff we are putting our skins and our bodies. And maybe this is just me being totally in the dark when it comes to this stuff, but if you put something on your skin, it goes into your body. SO WHY would we wanna hurt our bodies! I’m super excited to learn, and take you guys on this journey.