Acne Update : Just like everyone else... I'm Obsessed with Beauty Counter

Well.. I’m about 2/3 of the way through my charcoal bar and I want to order SEVEN MORE. Let me just give you the run down of what my skin has gone through since I bought my first round of beauty counter almost 2 months ago.

1). Hormonal Changes - I have been going through the worst hormonal imbalance of my life time basically since I started my new chapter of life back in May. Yeah at first it was stress and my diet, but even that didn’t cause this breakout that felt like it was TRAVELING around my face! Turns out it was my birth control that really had my hormones messed up. Not only was my pill no longer working for me (acne, pain, and period wise) but it just had everything out of wack.

2). About a month before getting BC I went to my dermo and the skin care routine she suggested for me was kinda helping but not solving the problem. I also didn’t love the fact that I was putting a ton of harsh chemicals and topical creams on my face.


3). I Switched to beauty counter and immediately started seeing a different with my skin. And guys, I didn’t even have to break the bank on massive amounts of product. All I got was the charcoal bar, resurfacing peel, and eye rescue cream (low key had no idea how important it was to take care of the skin around your eyes… I have alot of damage control to take care of).


But the eye rescue cream is so helpful when it comes to waking up at 4 every morning and dealing with dark circles under my eyes.

4). About a week ago I ended up switching to the IUD form of birth control. And although the week I got it was a STRUGGLE (A story/post for a different time) pain wise, I expected my face and skin to freak out as well the hormone change. IT DID NOT. And I 100% believe beauty counter had it’s part in that. My skin is getting so clear that I haven’t even wanted to wear makeup unless for special occasions.


Last but not least, I started using the charcoal bar in the shower on my shoulders and back (wear I’m prone to breakouts from celiac disease). AND YOU GUESSED IT, all my breakouts on my shoulders and most of the ones on my back have healed and cleared up.

They have so many options that I can’t wait to try. Also, have you seen that insta craze right now with all those organic/vegan shampoo sets with the split end serum? They have that too!

I’m definitely ordering more of the charcoal bar and this time around getting the nourishing eye cream.

If interested you should contact Emily Mosby (my BC consultant) She also hosts really fun socials that teach you all about the products and how to use them :)

Till next time!


A Toujours