7 Healthy Skin Tips I follow

1). Water

I always took for granted how much your water intake not only affects your health but your skin! Its said that you should be drinking half your weight in oz. a day which is my personal goal. (More if you are outside or exercising excessively. This is definitely something I’m going to be working on in the new year!

2. Tea

As someone who has a hard time getting their regular water intake, I’ve learn to love tea! It’s an easy and tasty way to get alot of hydration in. I even indulge in Yogi’s glowing skin tea and I’ve honestly noticed a difference when I am drinking this 2-3 times a week versus when I’m not!

3). Moisturizer

This can be a tough one…. many of the chemicals we put on, soak in, or don’t remove end up in our blood stream! So in learning this, I didn’t want to use ANYTHING that had ANY bad ingredients in it. However, that meant I wasn’t using a face moisturizer for about 3 weeks and my skin was SO ANGRY with me. W'e’re talking OIL GALOR. And if you haven’t heard this already… if you suffer from oily skin… you’re actually probably dry. As your skin is trying to produce excess oils to compensate for your dryness. SO I know safe products aren’t always the cheapest investment, but if you can find a middle man or want to go for it and check out BeautyCounters selection your skin and less wrinkly future self will thank you.

4). Don’t pick

Something that I have a HUGE problem with… DO NOT… for the love of all things holy, pick, pop, or scratch at active breakouts as hard as that might be. Doing this can actually SPREAD active breakouts around your face!

5). Girl wash your face… and your makeup brushes… and your pillow cases


I had NO IDEA how much an impact this would make on my face! I now wash my makeup brushes once a week. My pillow cases once every other week, and my face every morning and night. Another big tip to washing your face IS DON’T DO IT IN THE SHOWER. The water you shower with is typically hotter than what you would wash your face with outside of the shower. It can leads to dryness, damage and too-much exfoliation. Trust me there is such a thing.

6). Invest in clean products

I CAN’T SAY IT ENOUGH. Do not trust what products “say” are “safe”, do the research for yourself.

7). Supplements

If you’re a believer in supplements try taking a hair, skin, and nail vitamin, or just a biotin supplement. But as with anything be careful. To much of anything is a bad thing, and I’ve notice when I am regularly taking these if I don’t drink a enough water and get a breakout my skin is super tender and it’s the most painful breakout.

As always, these are tips and tricks that work for me, and I would love to hear from you and your beauty routine! Don’t forget to comment, and subscribe to join our girl gang for special giveaways, new posts, and exclusive tips!


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