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Although I could write this about me in French, I'm not from anywhere nearly exciting as France. I'm from little ol' Gilbert, Arizona. And just like many of us in the C-town, discovering who you are and what you want to become can be a challenge. It seems like everyone is into the same things and it's hard to be a unique, shining star with so much small-town competition. To be realistic (which you will learn is not my strongest trait) Chandler/Gilbert can feel really small, but in reality, it's quite large. However, when you can still keep up with the day-to-day of those from your graduating class, it can start to feel just like the home-town stories you here in those country songs.

I'm 22 years old, an alum the University of Arizona and Gamma Phi Beta Sorority but I still have A LOT to learn. 

I've always loved writing, fashion, all these aesthetically pleasing and etiquette. I've been learning to do more of the things that truly set my soul on fire. With a little help from all those in my life...these lessons have been essential for me finding my passions and myself before I get ready to fly the coop. Or in my case, preparing to leave  my perfect PINK palace I got to call home at Gamma Phi Beta. 

Not only is graduating college scary but graduating a whole year early is like accelerating a fast flying rocket straight into the sun by 2 light years.

*You will also come to learn through this blog that I'm quite dramatic.* 

Nevertheless, I am excited for whats to come, the journey has been inspirational, and I hope to inspire and help those who choose to follow along or stop in for a read. 

I am in no way an expert on some of the topics I choose to write about, but I do have a ton of firey passion I hope to share with others. 


A Toujours